NCE specialists detect falsification among dairy products
Специалисты НЦЭ выявляют фальсификацию среди  молочной продукции 05.08.2022

Specialists of the laboratories of the Republican State Enterprise on the REM “National Center of Expertise” examine dairy products on store shelves for falsification.

According to the results of the half year of the current year, out of 166 samples examined, 32 samples turned out to be non-compliant with the requirements of the technical regulation "On the Safety of Milk and Dairy Products" in terms of fatty acid composition, that is, instead of natural ingredients, their substitutes were used.

These products were submitted for research as part of monitoring the quality of consumer goods. Dairy products from Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Kazakhstan were on the list of counterfeit products, while 78% of discrepancies are accounted for by domestic products.

Most of the violations were detected in butter, milk and sour cream, where the labels indicate that natural ingredients were used, but their substitutes were identified in laboratory studies.

Sadvakas Baigabulov, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of the NCE, noted that one of the most common methods of falsification is the partial or complete replacement of natural milk fat with cheaper vegetable fats (palm, soy and other oils) or animal fats of non-dairy origin (beef, pork and fish fats). Each fat has its own set and ratio of fatty acids, which can only be detected in laboratory tests.

According to Sadvakas Baigabulov, the periodic consumption of falsified dairy products can lead to a lack of vitamins A and D, which can later cause osteoporosis in adults and rickets in children, as well as cause all kinds of allergic reactions, especially in children.

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