RSE on REM "National Center of Expertise" provides benefits for the right to receive services for clinical diagnostic studies free of charge to the following persons:

1) Participants of the Great Patriotic War and persons equated to them;

2) Participants in the Afghan war; 

3) Participants in the liquidation of the consequences of the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant;

4) Mothers of many children awarded with pendants "Altyn alka", "Kumis alka";

5) Disabled since childhood.

Discounts on services for clinical diagnostic studies are provided:

1) Pensioners - 30%;

2) Disabled people of group I - 30%;

3) Disabled people of group II - 20%;

4) Employees of the Enterprise - 30%;

5) Persons studying in secondary specialized and higher educational institutions on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan - 20%.

Benefits and discounts for services for the detection of virus RNA in biological material, including testing for COVID-19, do not apply.